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What are Eyelash Extensions?
Eyelash Extensions are lightweight, silk/synthetic eyelashes that come in a variety of lengths, thicknesses and curl styles. they are expertly bonded individually on a 'lash by lash' basis to your own natural lashes giving you longer, thicker, more luscious looking lashes. Eyelash Extensions are perfect for those tired of mascara, who want thicker longer lashes with little to no fuss required.

What do Eyelash Extensions look like when applied?
Properly applied Eyelash Extensions will look and feel completely natural, although definitely more full and glamorous than natural lashes.

What does it feel like and how long does it take to apply Eyelash Extensions?
A Fullset of lashes takes 90 minutes approx, with slight time variance depending on the amount of natural lashes you have. During this time you will be reclining with your eyes closed. Infill treatments range from 30-90 minutes, depending on what is required. At your appointment a certified blink lash technician will examine your natural lashes and tailor eyelash extensions to suit. All of blink's lash technicians are fully certified, and continually undergo product training to keep up with the latest styles and lash types. The treatment process ensures the finishing result is weightless, clump-free, long & beautiful lashes with your natural lashes remaining in good condition.

How long will a set of Eyelash Extensions last?
Properly applied and maintained Eyelash Extensions will last 6 weeks+, however regular 2 - 3 weekly infill treatments are necessary because your Eyelash Extensions will gradually diminish in number due to the natural shedding and replenishing cycle of your own eyelashes. This will create gaps, which then need filling in. Eyelash Extensions have similar maintenance to acrylic nails, as in you have approximately 3 infills per full set & everyone is different with how many weeks between appointments they need depending on lifestyle, aftercare & time demands.

My eyes are very sensitive; can I still have Eyelash Extensions?
Yes. As the Eyelash Extensions do not touch the skin in anyway the chance of an allergic reaction is reduced dramatically.  Also, the glue we use has no fumes and quick drying time ensuring you do not experience discomfort during the procedure.


caring for your lashes

Please treat your lashes gently, and follow the below steps to keep them in top shape

  • Although your Lashes are durable they are not designed to be wet. Water breaks down the glue bond and makes the bond brittle, causing excessive loss of your lash extensions. Please keep your lashes dry and out of water, washing your face with a flannel around the eye area is recommended. Tilt your head right back when washing your hair will ensure your lashes stay dry - a few splashes is okay! Keeping them out of water is especially important for the first 48 hours after your appointment when the glue hasn't completely cured.

  • Do not apply Mascara to your top lashes, bottom lashes only. Please use a water based mascara (not a waterproof one) such as the 'Eye of Horus' mascara available in Salon.

  • Stay away from Oil Based Eye makeup removers, lash tinting, lash perming, eyelash curlers, makeup wipes & cotton circles.

  • Pulling, tugging and playing with your lashes can cause irritation and breakage - Brushing them in the morning & gently removing your Eye makeup is the only times you should need to touch your lashes.

  • Investing in a Oil Free Eye Makeup remover and a Lash Serum are important to keeping your lashes in top condition. We recommend A.S.A.P Gentle Eye makeup Remover and Revitalash Lash Serum, both of which are available at our Salon. A.S.A.P Gentle Eye makeup Remover is also designed for sensitive eyes and doesn't intervere with the lash extensions at all. Revitalash Lash Serum will maintain your lashes strength, length and thickness so the lash extensions are able to be successfully applied on a long term basis.

  • Should you wish to have your lashes removed always see a Lash Technician, don't try to remove them yourself. This can cause breakage and pulling out your natural lashes, which is avoided when having them removed professionally.

  • Always let your Lash Technician know if you suffer from allergies, skin or eye sensitivites; or if you have any eye conditions that could affect the outcome of lash extensions.


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